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The Vilification Industry and the Surveillance State

In the 1950s McCarthyism destroyed innocent lives. Anyone could be accused of being anti-American and have their careers destroyed because of the Watch Lists. In the New Millennium, an innocent person can be placed on the myriad of new watch lists. You could be placed on a terrorist watch list, a sex offender watch list, … Continue reading »

Punishment by the People

By Seana Sperling In the United States, Land of the Free, online groups are being manipulated to stalk, defame and harass Peace Activists, Whistleblowers, Writers and Educators because of supposed, un-American activities. Mike German of the ACLU has spoken about Military personnel hacking Activist’s websites and accounts and manipulating content to discredit them. It’s not … Continue reading »

The Popular Liberal

By Seana Sperling When did Liberal become a dirty word? I see all sorts of jabs at liberals online and even a search for “Famous Liberals.” brought up the haters. There were online articles that rallied the masses to “Boycott Liberalism,” to articles with titles such as, The Twenty Most Annoying Liberals in the U.S. … Continue reading »

Shoot the Messenger: Blame the Victim

By Seana Sperling An article in The Nation by Jessica Valenti, In Rape Tragedies, The Shame is Ours May 6, 2013, addresses victim blaming and how some rape victims are even punished by a judgmental public. According to Valenti, a woman can be labeled a slut for being a victim. An indifferent society asks: “Why … Continue reading »

The Rent Control Quandary

By Seana Sperling When I moved back to Seattle in 1993, rent for a basic one bedroom was around $500.00 and studios were $300.00 to $400.00. A nice one bedroom in a secured building was around $700.00 per month. Rents have soared over the last twenty years, while wages have not. In Seattle you pay … Continue reading »

The Culture of Sameness Lament

By Seana Sperling I returned to Seattle in 1993, and Broadway on Capital Hill had lots of charming little coffee places, book stores, thrift stores, and a Lock and Key store with a live cat in the window (most of the time). Q Patrol was out on Friday and Saturday nights and made the entire … Continue reading »

Sarswati Help Us

By Seana Sperling It seems that more and more we are hearing female scribes and filmmakers speak of coming under some kind of attack, whether it is cyber attack or other types of attack in the physical world. Naomi Wolf speaks of tampered and intercepted mail in her YouTube presentation of her book The End … Continue reading »

Simon Says

By Seana Sperling In the new millennium, we have seen trends in group behavior: Flash mobs, Smart mobs, Zombie races, Zombie this, that and whatever. (One has to wonder about the popularity of the Zombie, a creature who cannot think, but only destroy.) These trends appeal to people’s desire to be accepted and have fun … Continue reading »


By Seana Sperling Amidst the attacks, I sit. A glaring absence in the space between, Multiple missives of abnormality. Just the facts Ma’am. Just the facts. Piecing together all those broken images, Of broken lives and broken stories, And I sit. The first news reports came in sound bytes, While bits of flesh and bone, … Continue reading »

Friends and Family

Late last night, after having dinner with a group of old and new friends, I watched a re-run of Sex in the City. As I watched the characters Carrie, Samantha and the others interact, I realized that the show was popular not because of the sex, or even the city, but because of the friendship … Continue reading »