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This forum is supportive of Progressive ideals. We support Unions. (You like that five day work week, the eight hour day, vacation, sick leave, and breaks, right?) We support Equal Rights for all, and we are opposed to war. We welcome civil discussion in the form of commentary, articles, etc. about current events, civil rights issues and more.
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An Old Tale

By Seana Sperling Millennia ago, there were a people that fled the tyranny of slavery. They left the lush gardens of their country and were forced to wander for years in the sands of a never-ending desert. This harsh place offered little in the way of enrichment for body or soul and in their despair … Continue reading »

The One Visitor

By Seana Sperling There had been an argument down the hall. Tenni woke, sweat-drenched to the sound of angry voices. Then there was silence. The only sound came from the rumbling of the steam radiator in the corner. Then a woman screamed. At first Tenni couldn’t move. Then she crept out of bed, stumbling against … Continue reading »

The War on Women

(The article originally appeared in the Seattle Chapter N.O.W.’s Nowsletter in 2007) By Seana Sperling The ongoing backlash against Feminism has gained momentum and the Moral Majority Neo-cons have been ever vigilant to put the ladies in their place. This backlash pits woman against woman, with the likes of Coulters and Bushs rallying the small-minded … Continue reading »

The Vilification Industry and the Surveillance State

By Seana Sperling In the 1950s McCarthyism destroyed innocent lives. Anyone could be accused of being anti-American and have their careers destroyed because of the Watch Lists. In the New Millennium, an innocent person can be placed on the myriad of new watch lists. You could be placed on a terrorist watch list, a sex … Continue reading »

The Popular Liberal

By Seana Sperling When did Liberal become a dirty word? I see all sorts of jabs at liberals online and even a search for “Famous Liberals.” brought up the haters. There were online articles that rallied the masses to “Boycott Liberalism,” to articles with titles such as, The Twenty Most Annoying Liberals in the U.S. … Continue reading »

Shaking Voices

By Seana Sperling Since the beginning of the new millennium some people have been guarding their words as if they were in a Communist country. When George W. Bush came into power in 2001 and after the tragedy of September 11th, we became engaged in another war. Mainstream media was almost completely silent on the … Continue reading »

The Age of the Allegation

By Seana Sperling In the new millennium we have the Internet where herds of people can spread libel online about anyone they wish and they can do this anonymously. If a self-righteous mob forms online, some may feel bold enough to go offline with their innuendo. I was listening to National Public Radio (NPR) on … Continue reading »

Whatever Happened to Daily News?

By Seana Sperling The Daily News has changed so much over the last two decades. Newstainment: heavy on soft news and gossip, spiked with violent incidents (public beatings, vandalism) just to keep the public on edge. There is the hot news; gossip/allegations of suspected sex offenders, murderers, robbers, etc. and soft news; lion cubs at … Continue reading »

Punishment by the People

By Seana Sperling In the United States, Land of the Free, online groups are being manipulated to stalk, defame and harass Peace Activists, Whistleblowers, Writers and Educators because of supposed, un-American activities. Mike German of the ACLU has spoken about Military personnel hacking Activist’s websites and accounts and manipulating content to discredit them. It’s not … Continue reading »

The Punishers

By Seana Sperling In China they call it Human Flesh Hunting. In Korea they call it Cyber Violence. In the U.S. they call it Cause Stalking, Organized Stalking, Organized Bullying, Mobbing and Cyber Stalking. Defined: vigilante groups form online on Facebook, My Space and other social networking sites or message boards to vilify and ridicule … Continue reading »